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Asia Pacific Metaverse New Era Summit Officially Launched

The epidemic in 2020 undoubtedly became a catalyst, and people’s life scenes began to shift from offline to online. This “forced” transformation led to more

The epidemic in 2020 undoubtedly became a catalyst, and people’s life scenes began to shift from offline to online. This “forced” transformation led to more thinking, discussion, and concern about life and business in the metaverse. Metaverse has been more and more favored by technology giants, venture capital enterprises, start-ups, and government departments.

The battle for metaverse has begun with the support of giants from different countries

On October 28, Facebook officially changed its name to Meta: transforming from a social media to a metaverse company, we can see Facebook’s determination to be all in the metaverse before that, Microsoft also just announced its enterprise metaverse solution at the Inspire Global Partner Conference shortly in the past; Japanese social giant GREE announced that it will carry out metaverse business. Roblox, the first stock of metaverse concept, was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the US. Byte and Tencent narrowly meet and compete to acquire PICO. the battle for the giant metaverse has begun.

Explore the business value of the metaverse

On January 12, 2022, the first Asia metaverse new Era summit hosted by CC global, a well-known Asia business think tank, bringing together more than 1,000 attendees offline and more than 20,000 attendees online from a metaverse scene parties, brands, Investment institutions metaverse infrastructure technology service providers, content creators, universities and research institutions, science fiction, and film creators, enthusiast, game lovers, science fiction film, international media to carry out a comprehensive exploration of new forms of life in the Asia-Pacific market, including metaverse industrial ecology, commercial value, technological revolution, games, social networking, entertainment, education, and work in the virtual and real society, so that they can find the third commercial value and entertainment space belonging to enterprises and individuals! The summit will combine, offline and online, at the same time.

Why Asia Market?

Great Support from Asia-pacific Governments:

In September 2021, the State Council Information Office of the people’s Republic of China issued the white paper “The all-round well-off society of China,” which proposed to vigorously promote the accelerated development of Internet infrastructure and the upgrading of the overall consumption of China, thus providing strong support for the infrastructure construction and market demand of the metaverse. In August of the same year, the South Korean Ministry of Finance pointed out in the 2022 budget that it planned to spend US $20 million on the development of the metaverse platform; In July of the same year, the Ministry of economy, industry, and trade of Japan released the “investigation report on the future possibilities and topics of the virtual space industry,” hoping to take a leading position in the global metaverse.

The huge consumer market in the Asia Pacific:

In the world’s top ten mobile Internet consumer markets, half of the share is occupied by Asia. (China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam) 90% of consumers in the region use smartphones to access the Internet, and they use apps for an average of more than four hours a day, an hour longer than any other region in the world. “Generation Z” and millennials in Asia are immersing themselves in digital consumption in ways that their peers in other regions cannot imagine: content consumption, product purchase, socializing, and playing games. Today, among 3 billion gamers worldwide, more than 55% live in Asia. In Asia, driven by many factors such as games, social networking, entertainment, interactive technology, and a wider range of creators, economic benefits have been rising and have occupied a dominant position. With Asian consumers spending more and more of their lives online, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between “real” life and digital life, making the development of the metaverse a huge draw for consumers in the Asia Pacific market.

Highlights of Asia Metaverse New Era Summit

  •  Capture the new trend of the industry: the first metaverse summit in Asia

It exclusively gathers more than 1,000 metaverse ecological chain scenes at home and abroad, 6 metaverse infrastructure technologies, content creators, institutional research institutions, international media, investment institutions, science fiction film creators, game lovers, and metaverse enthusiasts, to fully perceive the new trend of business, technology and entertainment experience in the industry.

  • Real experience Hall of black technology

The real experience Hall of black technology specially invites ten international leading metaverse black technology enterprises to take you to experience the metaverse in the film “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One” from a zero distance, explore the journey of lunar ecology from the first perspective, go deep into the wildest place of the earth to seek the natural creation, and perceive the whole world from different forms and perspectives.

  • Four core topics will give you the real meaning and the most original metaverse ecological industry summit!

Main Forum: Metaverse, the New Era of Web3

Sub-forum one: MetaTech Innovations

Sub-forum Two: MetaBusiness Opportunities

Sub-forum Three: MetaSocities(Games, Social, Education, and Training Work)

  • Metashow: Next Generation of Metaverse Supernova!

This conference aims to provide B2B exchanges and exploration among start-ups, investors, and enterprises, of which ten high-quality projects and more than ten investment institutions are specially set up to help enterprises connect funds, talents, and ideas.

  • MetaJoy Cocktail Party!

The gathering of elites creates opportunities, and the exchange of resources wins the future. While enjoying the pleasure and toast, let us freely expand our contacts, comfortably negotiate cooperation, enlighten our minds, broaden our horizons, and enjoy an unforgettable grand metaverse night!

Enjoy the surprise gift and delicious food.

  • Conference Metaverse

1) Offline More than 1,000 Asia participants; More than 20,000 global metaverse industry audiences synchronously participate in online live broadcast; Enlarge the development opportunities in the form of “offline face-to-face negotiation + online real-time communication.”

2) The XR online virtual conference space in the United States brings an immersive experience to speakers and audiences, and makes them perceive the “conference metaverse” in advance through high-tech sense and three-dimensional realistic effect!

Whether it is the 3D Internet or the full Internet, it can be said that entering the metaverse is equivalent to getting a ticket to the next Internet era, and Facebook’s name change this time opens up a new era. As the top summit in the blockchain digital economy, ChainPlus has been held for 3 consecutive years, bringing you wonderful industry events and sharing, and the industry commented that ChainPlus is the most professional, research-based, and participatory blockchain industry summit in the world. On January 12, 2022, ChainPlus Asia Metaverse New Era Summit invites everyone on board with a ticket to the next generation of the Internet!

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