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Have you heard of Security Theater? This is Public Health Theater:

A university appears to be conducting performative testing which does not actually follow reopening guidelines and recommendations.

Performative, but not effective.

I would like to hear from the wives and significant others of @LakelandPD cops. Law enforcement officers have higher rates of domestic violence than average. Are these officers abusers like the husband of #CourtneyIrby? Was her week of jail a warning to their wives and SOs?

This is a different but interesting point of view on domestic violence in the US. We rarely, if ever, think of it as an honor crime but maybe we should.

Hend Amry@LibyaLiberty

Don't let anyone convince you that domestic violence in the US aren't honor crimes because there isn't a "culture" of misogyny.

Abused women are 5x more likely to be shot and killed if their abuser has a firearm.

Our laws should protect victims of domestic violence—not armed abusers.

If you believe:

-Reproductive health care is health care
-LGBTQ rights are human rights
-Gun violence is a public health issue
-ALL people—regardless of immigration status—deserve health care and to live free from fear

Pledge to VOTE in 2020. #DemDebate

Hey @LakelandPD aren't you supposed to protect domestic violence victims like #CourtneyIrby? Removing firearms from the possession of a violent domestic abuser SERVES THE COMMUNITY. Please do your job. Thanks.

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